Mittagsseminar AI6 & AI7 (Archiv)

Wim Martens - SCULPT: A Schema Language for Tabular Data on the Web

Datum: 04.03.2015 12:00:00
Details: The World Wide Web Consortium is standardising comma-separated-value (CSV) files and closely associated tabular data. Inspired by the recent working effort towards a recommendation by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for tabular data and metadata on the Web, we present a concept for a schema language for tabular web data called SCULPT. The language consists of rules constraining and defining the structure of regions in the table. These regions are defined through the novel formalism of region selection expressions. The talk will mainly consist of a gentle introduction to the topic. In the associated paper we also obtain a linear time combined complexity evaluation algorithm. In addition, we consider weak and strong streaming evaluation for SCULPT and present a fragment for each of these streaming variants. Finally, we discuss several extensions of SCULPT including alternative semantics, types, complex content, and explore region selection expressions as a basis for a transformation language. If the audience is interested, we could have a quick look at one of these topics as well.

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